Friday, October 21, 2011

The Creativity Fort--A Place for Athletes, Writers, Dreamers, Readers and Creative Spirits of All Kinds!

Okay, so I didn't get away with taking over the fort all to myself but I wasn't joking when I told you that I would be using the fort that my husband built last week for my creative escape.  And if yesterday and the day before were days of creative constipation and blockage, today was
Poop of a Day!

Wow!  Creative energy and inspiration was flowing like never before.  My three kids and I spent the entire day making messes, creating, coming up with ideas, reading, writing, and "being" with our imaginations.  It was the most colorful, calm (but messy), "ideas flowing" day I've had in...well...ever! 

As soon as I started decorating the walls of in "my fort", my kids were very intersted in making the fort theirs too.  So we spent the afternoon claiming our walls, making signs, drawing pictures, painting and getting lost in our creativity! 

You might be asking yourself:

"Is she seriously going to spend time in that fort?!"


In fact, I plan to have my coffee in there every morning while I write, or read.  It is quiet, inspiring, warm, cozy, and I feel focused on what I'm doing as opposed to being distracted by everything and my kitchen sink (literally since it is full of dishes).  It is my place as writer, athlete, dreamer and learner.  I'm so stinking excited about it. 

We set up some rules about the Creativity Fort:
  • It is a quiet, sacred place for reading, writing, creating, and being with our thoughts.
  • Not a place to play with friends.  If a friend is over and they use it for reading or quiet time then that is allowed but only if it is respected. 
  • No touching our playing with the things on each others' designated wall.
  • RESPECT the space and keep it nice. 

    I just might be writing my first book in this fort! Figures that it would take something this unconvential to tap the deepest into my creative spirit.  I'm certain this fort will help me as an athlete as well.  When I using my creative energy, all the other areas of my life benefit from it!  This fort will be a place for me to be surrounded by goals, affirmations, medals and visions for how I want my life to writer, mother, runner ,etc. 

    Now my husband is home after being gone for three days and I am heading out on a nice and easy run!  Hoping to come back with more inspiration and direction for all the ideas I have flowing. 

    My oldest daughter's wall.

    I truly and whole heartedly am convinced that when we allow ourselves to create in whatever way that means for us (writing, cooking, gardening, decorating, etc.), we energize our life in other areas.  For myself, it is tremendously important for me to nurture my creative spirit.  This helps me as athlete, mother, writer...self. 

    So, again, I challenge you to find your creative spirit.  Find someting, even if it is small, that gives your life a spark and gets your creative energy flowing.  Even if it is painting your finger nails!  I can almost guarantee that it will charge another area of your life. Even Running.

    Happy Weekend!  Good luck Racers!  Who is racing this weekend??


    1. I love this post and am so jealous of your space. I wish I had one at home...I should figure out how to make one like your husband did for you all. Cheers to a great weekend, SYK

    2. Your kids are so lucky to have such an incredible mom. I love how whenever I read your blog I feel so inspired! I think that I might just have my own creative weekend.....

    3. you know what I love about you, amanda? You do things that I never in a million years would have thought of doing, but when you put it out is the perfect idea! a creativity fort? I may just have to move the army barracks fort over but I think it will fit! :) thanks for your ideas and inspiration.

    4. You are a nut.

      But I love it. :)

    5. Ahhh!!! I'm so jealous of your fort!! This is so cool! Now you get to move out of the bathroom in the mornings and into your fort-ha!!

      I've been thinking about you so much the last couple of days knowing you had some writing stuff on the forefront here. SO happy to hear you're feeling energized and the juices are flowing!!!

      I love your wall. I love seeing your goals on paper. Energizing to ME:)

      AND damn, you are such a good mom....

    6. I'm about as creative as a... well... hmmmmm... see, I'm not even creative enough to come up with an example of something to show how NOT creative I am!!!

    7. Can I join your family?!! You are creating such memories for your lil ones! I'm so inspired!!!

      I'm buying your book, but you have to sign it for me!

    8. Love your point that "when we allow ourselves to create ... we energize our life in other areas." So true. Thanks for sharing. : )

    9. I love to create when I cook. Even though I cook twice a day for a large family, I rarely use a recipe or a list to shop from. I love to discover what I can put together each night from the sale ingredients I purchased! The more nutritious the better, delicious nearly always, and extra points for a groovy name. Thanks for reminding me about what I love in the midst of my busyness! <3

    10. beautiful post!!! I can't wait to read that first book of yours and I might be pretending to have a fort like that to get my own written

    11. I am soooo happy you found me as I LOVE this idea....I am already showing my husband and telling him we need a fort in our house!!!!! YAY! I love all your race goals. You are one awesome mom!

    12. I love the fort! I am not a creative person by nature but your fort has inspired me to spruce up our home "gym". My husband and I will be spending many hours there this winter getting ready for our early season ironman. It will be so much nicer if it is decorated with inspiration things. I will post about it when it's done =)

    13. I SO hope that you go back to the classroom someday. As an educator of "older" kids... I can't help but think that if they would have had an "Amanda" when they were younger, well...

      Let's just say that maybe they would have believed in themselves more and reached higher. And they might not be in my "remedial" English class.

    14. This is the coolest thing Amanda! And I'm not surprised that it came from you, who is constantly inspiring with your never ending quest for betterment. I really admire your sense of spirit!

    15. I love your creativity fort. It reminds me of the old fad of sitting in a pyramid or a tepee and meditating. And I think it all comes down to having some quiet time to really tap into your creative self. Your rules will really help with that. I'm sure it will bring all the inspiration you need.

    16. I have little to zero creativity, but most of my limited creative thinking happens "on the run" The problem is, when I finish the run, the thoughts are GONE. I need a note pad while running, ha.

      Keep reading, writing, running, and inspiring. Nice!

    17. Hey Amanda! Thank you SO MUCH for your kind comments. It totally made my day to get those emails!

      and can I just say, wow. You are a multi-faceted woman! Just spending a couple minutes poking around your blog it's obvious. I will have to do some catching up here as well but this post already speaks to me. As somebody who practically has zero creative blood running through my veins, I do get a charge when I do something imaginitive. Right now we are renovating our house and I'm constantly searching for design ideas. I enjoy it alot. That's about as creative as I get... stealing others' ideas :)

      I love your space! Very inspiring post!

    18. I love the fort! I am actually trying to do something similar with my spare room. I want to use it as a place to relax... read, write, listen to music and just be. I am decorating it with my running stuff and I'd like to purchase a desk and a comfy chair!

    19. you are seriously ONE OF A KIND girl!!! I don't know where you get your drive!!!! you know that that little poster with your 5K/10K/half and marathon goals are the EXACT same goals I have written down? :):) love.

    20. i love that the fort is for your family and how they have their designated wall. I'm glad it has allowed you to discover even more inspiration from within- you are amazing

    21. I'm new to your blog but this running inspiration creation fort is totally epic!

    22. Been gone for a while...and reading up on my favorite blog!! Love, love this and can't wait to go home and make a space in my basement...CAN't WAIT! I'll update you on how it goes!

    23. Oh my goodness, I don't know how I missed this! What rock have I been living under?!? I love love love love this so much. THIS is what I am asking my husband for for the holidays - a creativity fort! I know he will love to build it and I can't wait to talk with him about it. You are so inspiring - thank you for sharing. BEAUTIFUL.